Monday, January 9, 2012

[FLIT INK] Moved upstairs!

A slight detour, nothing big.
We wanted to make separate entities of [aberrant] + [flit ink] as people were getting confused. Upstairs you will find new DOLLARBIES and LUCKY BOARD!

+ 50L Cap sale on my first run Charcoal series: Boi, Obey, Plain + Decepticon.
What else is new? 
Since the BOO BOO tattoo was such a big hit, I made a 5 texture bandage pack!

Comes in: Cupcake, Skulls, Designer, Pride + Boombox textured bandages! 150L

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Releases! Oh yes!

First, everyone at Aberrant and Flit Ink would like to wish you all the best for 2012! Happy New Year! Secondly, with the fresh new year come fresh new releases! Check them out below:

Ear Plugs come in various prints including Domo, Lucky Cat, Zebra, and more.
They also come in solid with a color-changing script.

Suspense Jeans come with suspenders, rolled up cuffs, and optional baggy prims.
Color options include: Olive, Navy, Black, Grey and Chocolate

We have HOODIES?!?!!!! lkjdiofudjfl! Get Your Geek On Hoodies come in a variety
of colors and prints. What's up with the honey badger reference?
Check out this video.

New releases and exclusive items are being featured at FTLO's The Black Market. This month's exclusive item? Ramones Hoodie! OMG, I am never taking it off.

With love,
Dylain Nikita