Sunday, July 24, 2011

CYBORGS turn me on

[flit ink] CYBORG tattoo
reveals the computer within.

Stylish half-sleeves and turn ON button!

*All clothing and tattoo layers

150 $L


[flit ink] EMOTE CONTROL tattoo
takes you back to the time of 64 bit gaming systems and pixel graphics.

Includes port 1 controller and life meter

*All clothing + tattoo layers
50 $L

[flit ink] HTML <3 tattoo
spells it out in a language only the truly nerdy of us can read. Code

*All clothing and tattoo layers
1 $L in store

Saturday, July 23, 2011



[flit ink] SURFS UP tattoo sleeves complete any beach look.
When wearing shorts or a bikini ~ it's good to accessorize and show off your skin art ;).

*All clothing and tattoo layers

150 $L

Monday, July 18, 2011

Welcome [aberrandt] !

We have a store!

[aberrandt] + [flit ink]
Joined forces to create one of the cutest new stores in SL!

Please come visit and check us out


[flit ink] FANGBANGER tattoo

[flit ink] FANGBANGER tattoo alerts nearby predetors of your special fetish ;[
*complete with neck bandaids!

Undershirt, shirt + tattoo layers, dark + medium options.

100 $L


Self conscious about your 'skin'? Give em a heads up!
Lower belly ink.

*underwear + tattoo layer

25 $L

Friday, July 15, 2011


For a limited time you can purchase the following items for only L$1

**** ONLY the first 100 people well get this deal****

[flit ink] HUG LIFE tattoo
Now you can be a badass! (with love)
Lower belly ink.
*tattoo layer only


[flit ink] I'M NOT YOUR TOY tattoo
Be blunt! (and smoke one too)
Lower belly ink.
*being made into a full tattoo*


Thursday, July 14, 2011

[flit ink] on the marketplace ~ re-brand

[flitink] PAISLEY sleeves tattoo

Seamless paisley upper body tattoo.
Full tattoo sleeves.

Underwear, t-shirt and tattoo layers
Dark, medium and light shades

[flit ink] doesn't spit.
[flit ink] Swallows tattoo.

Unisex lower belly tattoo. Perfect to draw attention to the 'important parts'. ;)

Underwear + tattoo layers
Dark, medium and light shades.

[flitink] OPEN YOUR HEART tattoo

Unzip your chest and let us see what you have there.

All layer options
Dark, medium and light shades

[flitink] WINGS tattoo

Play 'innocent' with this tattoo. Full length angellic wings.

All layer options
Dark, medium and light shades.