Thursday, December 29, 2011


I noticed there is a lack of hot lesbionic hair in Second Life, you can put some guy hair on, but it was missing the feminine aspect... so I went ahead and made some.

This is my newest release ~ HACKERS ~ ( I think I want to hump my avatar ).

CLick on the picture to be taken directly to the Market Place page of your choice for easy buyage - or check us out instore!

Not quite sure? Try the demo!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

HAT HAIR! Just Released

Had to take the ball cap one step further and thought it was about time we started making some hair do's! Other Cap colours and styles will be added in time ;).

HAT HAIR PACKS include 3 shades (see hair swatches) + Hats in both BLACK + WHITE!
200 $L per pack

note: Shavey bits on the right side ~ requires buzz base.

Monday, December 19, 2011

NEW! Embroidered Ballcaps

After 3 days, finally... I have made something blog worthy. I had to wait for there to be a lull in Dylain's blogging to take hold of a post ;). After a few versions I came up with great templates and some new ideas. @ only 150 per cap, it's a steal!

White + Black with the infamous Banksy graffiti art stencil. Get it while supplies last!

Other Hip Hop style unisex fitted ball caps. Black, grey, white, red + blue wool texture effect. Get them plain or with embroidery stitching. Collect them all! 

(Click on the photo to take you to it's individual Market Place page)

Coming soon HAT HAIR ...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Holidays!!!

December has hit, which means that it is officially OKAY to start getting ready for the holidays. We have more hunts, new releases, holidays specials AND MORE!

We've created (along with a regular white pack) some Christmas -themed boy briefs. These fatpacks are transferable, making them great for gift giving! Not only that, but they are only 40L!

As always, we are CR- CR- CRAZY for hunts! Currently going on at the store are: Tentacle Addict Hunt, Simply Winter Hunt, and Save the World Hunt. Lots of fun (and free) items for your enjoyment. And don't forget we're still at FTLO's The Black Market. Items are transferable for holiday gift giving!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You can find [aberrant] on The Black Market!

As always, we have plenty of things going on at [aberrant] and [Flit Ink]. Depravity Hunt's Tentacle Addict II Hunt and the Save the World Hunt will be starting in early December. We have new RINGS!! With plenty more new stuff on it's way. You'll also find [aberrant] at The Black Market by FTLO!!

NEW Boombox Ring
Other rings available include: Bling Cassette,
Ctrl Alt Del, and Building Blocks.

Depravity Hunt's Tentacle Addict II Hunts begins December 1st!
Check out our gift: Tentacle Mouthie and Ink Mouth Tattoo

NEW Lovin' Feeling Sweater (3 Colors)
The Black Market by FTLO Exclusive!
Only 100L for the set

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stay Warm with [aberrant]!

Despite global warming, we are ready to cuddle up and stay warm with our NEW RELEASES. Winter has hit [aberrant] and [Flit Ink]. Snow is falling, fires are crackling, and we're ready to wear wooly, furry, warm things!

Skull, red plaid, blue plaid, fair isle, and grey cable knit.
Only 75L each.

white, black, red and olive.
Color Pack 175L or 50L each inworld.

white, purple, pink and turquoise.
Color Pack 175L or 50L each inworld.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stay Warm (and Sexy)!

It's time for a new hunt to begin and for some new Fall -related releases!

We have to stay warm somehow... We can either bundle up in fuzzy fall attire or get all sexy-like with Depravity Hunts' Fall Lust: November Reign. The hunt will be running from November 1 - 30 and feature both aberrant and Flit Ink.

Depravity Hunts presents
Fall Lust: November Reign
Bustier and Garter Panty

Flit Ink presents Death Cameo
only available for the Fall Lust:
November Reign Hunt

NEW RELEASE from aberrant
Fingerless Gloves

New fingerless gloves (also known as arm warmers... the smoker's mitten...) come in five colors: cream (shown above), olive, charcoal, red, and coral. Available individually or in a FATPACK.

Want more?! New scarves already available in-world. Long john tops, suspender baggies, and more all coming soon!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NEW! [flit ink]

Whenever October hits Dyl and I get over excited... this is NOT an understatement. Halloween is our favourite time of year, so (un)naturally we are pumping out new creatives ~ inspired by all the gross stuff... Drop by the store, you'll see what I mean.

Complete Protection from the Living Dead

First item on the docket was my all time favourite novel by Max Brooks. Retailing at a mere 25 $L this is a must have this time of year. Haunted Houses, Mazes and other fun Halloween devoted sims are crawling with reanimated corpses looking for your Braiiiinnnssss!

Speaking of Brains... In store special only available during the spooky season.
"Brains!" Gesture for 10 $L

Yes that's right, I put our cute gestures up for grabs as well... also available are:

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Season's Palette Hunt

Get ready to get ready... !!! The Season's Palette Hunt will be running from October 20 - November 20 and [aberrant] is part of it! Get our brand new item made JUST FOR THIS HUNT...

Season's Palette Hunt
Fairisle Knit Scarf
with beaded safety pin

In other news, we have MOVED OUR STORE to the ground level and expanded the store's size. Plenty of horror-ible decorations, hunts and lots of space for new releases! Speaking of NEW RELEASES, stay tuned for new baggy pants with suspenders, fingerless gloves and wool scarves (in skull print, plaid, fairisle, and cable knit) all COMING SOON!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Just in time for Halloween I took a 'stab' at my very first skin. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Are you ready for some hunts?! We've got FOUR HUNTS all running from October 1st to 31st featuring some brand new items at [aberrant]. Get ready to get ready...

The Unknown Hunt: One!
Hunt gift: BRAND NEW cable knit shrug

Indian Summer Hunt
Hunt Gift: Feather Necklace and Feather & Chain Tank

Depravity Hunts: Depraved Peek-a-Boo
Hunt Gift: Sookie Stackhouse (yay True Blood!) Costume
Includes Merlotte's Uniform, Apron, Waitress Pad & Pencil

Tales of Terror Hunt
Zombie ATTACK!! Unisex Tank & Low-rise Jeans

Monday, August 29, 2011

Who NEW?!

Lots of exciting things going on at [aberrant] and [FLIT INK]. For one, we've got a whole new floor to our store!! Along with the store expansion comes new items...

Low-rise jeans with sculpted rolled cuff
Colors: black, purple, grey, light wash and dark wash blue
Only 150L each!!!

You can also check them out at the blog My Fashion SL.

You can find us at The Wash Biannual Cart Sale!!! We've got NINE brand new awesome items that will be ONLY 10L between September 7th - 28th. After that, these items will go into the store at regular price. More details coming soon!!!